Geneco Summer Meeting 2015


will be held in Villa Thalassa  in Helsingborg on September 2-3

Life Science Courses. Apply before May 31st 2015


Life Science Courses. Apply before May 31st 2015

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Quantitative PCR - week 48 (23-27 November 2015)


This course is now open for applications, deadline October 31st

Geneco Winter Meeting in Lund, held February 10th


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Understanding Population Genetics


The course will be given 20-24th of April 2015 at the Biology Building, Sölvegatan 35, Lund

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Graduate Research School in Genomic Ecology


Recent developments of high-throughput tools for genome studies have paved the way for identification of genes and mechanisms underlying ecological interactions and adaptations to the environments. This rapidly expanding field will in the near future require a generation of well-trained specialists.

The graduate research school in Genomic Ecology (GENECO):

  • provides a platform for the training of PhD students engaged in this field at the crossroad of evolutionary ecology, population genetics, molecular biology and genomics, at Lund University.
  • forges links between molecular biologists at the cutting edge of genomics research, ecologists who aim to understand the ecological and genetic mechanisms that underlie the processes of evolution, and theoreticians who seek coherent concepts and models to explain interactions between genes, individuals, populations and the environment in complex adaptive systems.
  • provides a doctoral education at the highest international scientific standard that will prepare students for a career both within and outside Academia.

Application is open to students who are already enrolled as PhD students at Nordic universities. Next opening for new applications is planned for the fall of 2014.



Aerial view of Lund